Nissan Stageas are one of the most underestimated estates out there and offer real performance and handling  at a very reasonable price.  

But like any performance car they are not cheap to run and need regular servicing . As long as this is done they are usually very reliable.

If you are interested in buying a Stagea it is worth taking the time to look up and understand the different models -there is a model guide on this site. Because the different models fetch wildly different prices it is probably sensible to also decide on a rough budget 

What to look for....

Engine and gearbox - The car should start very easily and run smoothly  There should be no knocks or rattles and once warmed no smoke  On the road the performance should be impressive and the grip excellent. Obviously the car should stop  but dont worry if they are only adequate. Brakes are not the Stageas strong point but they are easy to upgrade.

common faults - rust under the door mirrors is so common that if it isnt there it has probably just been done so never reject a car just because of this issue. Everyehere else should be pretty rust free Other areas to check are front suspension turrets and by the tailgate catch.

Mileage - Take any mileage reading with a large pinch of salt unless the car has the original service history stamped with receipts  (most dont) If it hasnt dont pay any low mileage premium. Judge the car as it is in front of you not by the speedo reading. Besides stageas will easily manage 150000+ miles  if regularly serviced and treated with respect